Jess Millar of the Johnstone Jets already had experience of the Youth Tour of Scotland. Which came in very handy.

Thursday, 7th May, 2015

Youth Tour of Scotland, 2015
This was my second Youth Tour of Scotland and what an experience it was! I had a pretty good idea of what the courses where like, from the previous year. On Friday the 3rd of April 2015, a very excited Jess travelled to Perth for a long weekend of racing. I met up with my team mate Lusia Steele and then travelled to Strathallan for a course recce of stages 1 and 4. When I arrived I also met a very excited Ellie Park and Gemma Penman. I think Martin (Team coach) was pretty excited as well.

The next day, we woke up at 7:30am ready for the first stage. Which was a 33k, hilly/lumpy road race.  Throughout the cute wee village of Forteviot. On the start line there was 58 strong girls all ready to race. It was a neutralised start, and I managed to get right behind the car. The first lap went great. Until...dun...dun...dun, I found myself lying at the bottom of a pile of about 10 riders. Anyways after a panic, I managed to get back on my bike and finish the race.

The second stage was a crit around Perth town centre, it was 35 minutes plus 5 laps. The circuit was mostly flat with a slight incline prior to the tightest corner. I was all bandaged up from the day before's injuries. My team mate Ellie Park was gridded on the front row with the best Scottish rider Jersey. It was a very fast start and the bunch strung out. Then the bunch totally split on the first prime. I was in a group with around 6 riders, I finished 39th.
The third stage was the exact same as the second stage. It was a fast start. Although it strung out and I was with the similar bunch of people I was with before. I finished this race in a similar position as the previous stage.

The fourth stage was a kermesse around the grounds of Strathallan school. I was looking forward to this stage as last year I really enjoyed it and it was my best stage. It was another neutralised start and I managed to get right behind the car again. I stayed near the front for two laps. After that I was nearer the back of the bunch hanging on. My team mate Ellie Park who was high up on General Classification had punctured, so myself and team mate Lusia Steele used team work to get her back on the bunch. Once again this was my favourite stage out of the four, most enjoyable and I got the best result out of it.

I would like to take this chance to thank Martin Mulholland for being an amazing team manager and Braveheart Fund for making it all possible. 


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