Braveheart ride 2015: get some!

Thursday, 3rd September, 2015

We're breaking new ground for 2015 with a route that will be run on substantially closed roads. Thanks to the support and efforts of East Ayrshire Council, we've got two great loops than run from Kilmarnock to Galston, Newmilns, Sorn and Muirkirk. It's safe to say that there will be a bit of climbing...

In any case, come along and ride with some of our supported teams and riders as well as a sprinkling og guest pros. Last year we had David Millar and Sean Kelly. This year...well, we're pretty sure Sean will be back and Braveheart co-founder Brian Smith always manages to pull a few strings and convince some confused Euro pro that Scotland at the end of October is like Lake Como...

Come on, what's the worst that can happen? You get dropped by a Youth A rider? Pfft...

Pic by Gordon Goldie. Thanks GG!


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