Anna Flynn

Thursday, 21st May, 2015

My first National MTB race was  round 1 of the National MTB series at Sherwood Pines where I managed to come 4th in the Juvenille girls (U14). I didn’t do round 2 in Plymouth as I was racing at Hetton in the first round of the National Youth Circuit Series but I was really looking forward to Round 3 in Wales.

Before the 1st round in Sherwood I already had an idea about what the course would be like because people had told me, however before Wales I didn’t know what to expect – they are all very different.  When I rode the course the day before I really enjoyed it because it had a very steep, long climb and then some fun technical downhill. I was glad the course had some climbing in it because I think that is what I am best at.

The day before the race Paul Newnham took all the Scottish youth riders round the course. I think this really helped because we got more advice about what lines to take, and it meant we were riding the course with other people as well so you got to see and learn from what others were doing.

On the morning of the race (youth races are always the first race at 9am on the Sunday morning) Scottish Cycling let all of the Scottish riders warm up in their easy up and it made it feel much more like a team. With Paul Newnham helping us out and encouraging us it really makes the weekend much more fun.

I didn’t get that good of a start to the race but I think it helped me because I might have gone off too fast if I did. I made my way up on the first steep climb and went into the first downhill in 5th place. I managed to get myself up to 4th on the 2nd climb and I went into the 2nd lap in 4th. On the last lap the hill was really hard but I got a bigger gap on the person behind me and I was able to see the girl in front of me. It was only at the end of the last lap that I got passed 3rd place and I was really surprised when I finished in 3rd. Well done too to Anna McGorum, Peebles CC who took 2nd place.

It was my first podium at a National MTB race and I can’t wait for the next round at Cathkin Braes.

Anna Flynn


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