Braveheart Cyclist of the Year 2012

Thursday, 1st November, 2012

There wasn't much time for Callum Skinner to enjoy his award as the Braveheart Cyclist of the Year 2012, since the unfortunate British National senior sprint champion was also unlucky enough to be the first rider to check out the facilities in the new Glasgow velodrome after a crash which left him with a "clean break" of his left collarbone.

In fact, Skinner was unable to make the Braveheart dinner to receive the award, which, on the night, was presented by Sir Chris Hoy to Craig Maclean on Callum's behalf. "I was thinking of going, I wanted to go," Callum told us, "but I was so full of morphine I'm not sure that would have been a good idea!" There's no doubt a couple of glasses of medicinal booze on top of some strong painkillers would have added up to a messy evening and Skinner clearly did the right thing...

"My rear tyre actually rolled off the rim, it happens sometimes, but it feels like a slde and when you try to correct what you think is a slide, it actually makes things worse and I hit the boards quite hard," explained Callum. "I was taken to Glasgow Royal Infirmary where they X-rayed it and revealed a clean snap. I've had it in a sling and have been taking painkillers so it's not too bad and I'm learning to do everything with one hand now."

Since Callum is part of the British Cycling squad, he is able to get access to BC Healthcare and, when he spoke to us in early November, he was down in Manchester waiting to have his clavicle plated by a specialist surgeon. "They're not just going to screw it together, there's a plate going in that I should be able to get removed in about a year, depending on what they find and how I recover, but I wont be back on my bike inside of 10 days like Bradley Wiggins was, I'll be taking some time off, I don't want to risk aggravating it. I'm dead keen to get back into it though, I reckon I'll be back on track again in December."

All of which means that Callum will be giving the World Cup in Mexico this January a miss. "I'd rather have a good winter and be ready for the bigger events in Spring and Summer. There's never a good time to have an accident like this, but the timing could have been worse."


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