Lucy Grant podium starts to 2013

Monday, 1st April, 2013

Lucy Grant is a first year junior cross-country mountain bike rider who is being supported by the Braveheart Fund for the first time in 2013. In spite of the grim weather, Lucy has already been in action at Scottish and at British national level races and doing brilliantly in both.

Lucy has sent in her first race reports of the year. It must be easy when you are writing about winning!

Forfar Scottish XC Series round 1.

"Forfar was my first race of the season. I was really looking forward to it because it had been so long since I had last raced. We drove up on Sunday morning so we would have time to pre ride the course beforehand. The weather was horrible with the rain coming down sideways and there was a bitter cold wind. It wasn’t the nicest racing conditions.

On the start line I felt nervous but I was also excited. All the women were set off at once and I was on the third grid. The first section of the course was a quick land rover track climb which I sprinted up trying to overtake as many people as possible before the first muddy single track descent.

The next part of the course was a combination of Landrover track climbs and short descents. Half way round the course there were these huge bomb holes that were so fun to ride- when you came up the other side you had so much speed it felt as though you were going to take off. After these there was another sloggy climb before you turned onto some open moorland. This bit was one of the worse bits of the course because you were completely exposed to all the weather.

Because the weather had been so bad for so long it had made the course unbelievably muddy and completely torn up. So I ended up doing quite a bit of running because it through most of the muddy sections it was so much quicker than riding.

The race was hard but I was really glad to get my first race over completed."

As well as her first win! Lucy finished her race in first place after 1-18-19 of bone-chilling riding, well clear of second placed Yuka Gallagher.

Next up was the British XC series opening round held in Sherwood Forest. If Forfar had been cold, well, Sherwood Forest topped that with a blanket of snow the night before the race.

British Cycling National XC series, round 1
"This weekend the weather forecast was heavy snow and freezing conditions. We were unsure whether the race was going to go ahead because when we arrived the course was covered in snow!

However after a pre ride we established the course wasn’t too bad, most of it had already been churned up and turned to sloshy mud.

Race day came and thankfully no more snow had fallen. However the laps for the race had been cut, I was only doing 2 as oppose to 3 or 4. I was slightly relived by this because it was so cold. We were set off a few minutes behind the elite women and as we went off the line I settled into second. But my problem came when we headed into the long single track section of the course. we had started to catch up the elite women and there was no way to pass them. There were either trees in the way or deep snow drifts so to try to overtake was impossible.

The girl in front of me had managed to get past most of the elites right before the long single track so she had already started getting away. For almost 15 minutes I was held up behind people. There was nothing I could do. Eventually we hit out onto a landrover track and I passed as many as I could. Now all I could do was make up as much time
as possible. It was so cold and I could feel my feet going numb but I pressed on and was soon into my second lap. This time round I had no hold ups through the single tracks and I flew through the trees enjoying the course. I knew I had lost way too much time but I wasn’t going to give up.

Anything could happen. The laps went by quickly and soon the finish was insight. I had finished in second which I was chuffed with."


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