Kenta Gallagher: "It's all coming together"

Friday, 17th May, 2013

Kenta Gallagher, our Braveheart cross-country mountain biker, is riding for the same trade team as Grant Ferguson this season – Brentjens Superior Endura - and, with both riders also riding for the GB under-23 team, they are spending a lot of time together. As well as doing most of the same races.

“After the Redruth National Points series race we headed for a training camp with Oli Beckingsale around Bristol. I knew it was going to be hard riding with the two mountain goats, (Grant and Oli), but I cracked on having fun in the sun which was a plus! We had good trails and some good hours in there to set us up for the coming races. (There’s no mention here of Kenta leading the mountain goats a merry dance on the more technical descents! Ed)

“We then went to race on the new Commonwealth Games course on Cathkin Braes, south of Glasgow, which was cool to do as I hadn’t ridden it before. It was fun to ride and race, it’s  a good little track, but not really that technical which I was disappointed with, but hey ho life goes on eh?

I knew Grant was going well so I didn’t want to try take him on so much, so when he accelerated I left it a little too late go get on him and I was playing catch up trying to catch his wheel which I just couldn’t manage. But, in the end, I was happy with how I rode and rolled in second. Overall, I reckon it’s all coming together slowly, just in time for the World Cup races.”

The pic of Kenta is by Anna Buick Twitter @annabuick1:



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