ERC Activcity Season Starter Races

Tuesday, 8th April, 2014

By Louis Moore

The first Youth Race of the 2014 season got underway on Saturday 1st March at Ingliston, Edinburgh. 

This was my first road race as part of the ERC Martin Currie Race Team riding as a first year Youth ‘C’.   This year the format had changed to a one day stage with the winner decided on a combined shorter time trial and longer crit race.
The race was very organised and well attended by cyclists from all over Scotland.   There were around 160 riders in all races.  The weather was nice and sunny and there wasn’t much wind so it was perfect for bike racing.

My time trial started at 11.34 and I prepared by warming up on the rollers.  I have been attending roller sessions run by the club on Tuesday nights and I feel this has helped me improve my fitness over the winter months.  On the start line I felt quite nervous but soon set off and got into a rhythm.  I was pleased with my time of 1 minute 54 seconds and came 7th for the time trial just beaten by 1/10th of a second by Callum Reid (Stirling Bike Club).  The fastest time was 1:48 by Hamish Armitt (Glasgow Riderz).

The crit race was an hour and a half later so I had something to eat and chatted with my friends before preparing for the race.

As I got on to the line I got a rush of adrenalin and just wanted to get started! I made an early break hoping to sustain it but after three laps I was caught!

I managed to stay with the main bunch for a short time before a break was made. I continued to work as hard as I could and parts of the course were easier than others!  Eventually I got in a small group of five riders which included Murray Lawson and Anna Flynn from ERC.

I came 7th with a time of 23:32 which was 1:39 behind the winner which has Hamish Armitt again.  Overall I came 7th which I was pleased about as there was only one first year Youth C rider ahead of me.

The second race was the following week on the 8th of March.  I had a cold which was annoying because I knew that this could be my week to improve from the first week.  I had my tactics planned which was to sit in the bunch and go with any breaks instead of riding off the front from the start!  I wasn’t going to ride at all but I decided to give the time trial a go.  My legs felt really tired from the start and I struggled with the strong wind.  I finished with a time of 2 minutes 3 seconds which was a good bit slower than the week before.  As I was feeling really bad I decided to give the crit a miss and take photos of the race instead.  The second week overall win went to Jamie Johnston (Team Thomsons Cycles).

I really enjoyed the events and learned a few things (like don’t attack from the gun!). This year I am going to race in as many of the Scottish races as I can.  I am also going to race in some of the national series.  I have entered Hetton and the North West Youth Tour so there’s loads to look forward to in 2014.

Below are some pictures I took on the second day.


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