Wednesday, 16th January, 2008

Following the tragic death of Jason MacIntyre on Tuesday, and in response to the overwhelming sense of grief felt by the cycling community in Scotland and beyond, the Braveheart Cycling Fund has launched a Jason MacIntyre Memorial Fund.

As well as being one of Britain’s top cyclists, and a national champion and record holder, Jason was also a
husband and father to eight-year old twin girls. One of his daughters, Morgan, had a serious medical condition that necessitated constant attention. Jason was her full-time carer.

Earlier this week the Braveheart Fund confirmed that it would award Jason £2,000 towards his racing expenses in 2008. That money will now go to Jason’s memorial fund, which has been set up to assist his family. The target of the fund is £20,000, which would help to fund a carer for Morgan for two years.


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