ythan Cycle Run

Monday, 20th April, 2009

This event created by and previously organized by Evelyn Cook is in its 11th year of operation and has raised

significant sums for local and international charities. However this year will be unique in that you will be able to

nominate your own charity and share in the proceeds of your own fund raising.

The event will start at 1.00pm and finish at 5.00pm at Udny Green and includes both long (25 mile) and short (8

mile) runs arranged to suit all age, capability and fitness levels.

Basic facilities will be provided at key points during the run and refreshments will be available as

part of the registration fee at our all weather facilities at Udny Green, Aberdeenshire. A

certificate of participation will be issued to all participants after the event.

Registration and sponsorship forms are available at our website ( or from

Norman on 01651 891878.



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