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Friday, 20th November, 2015

British championships

Looking back at the British Championships in Paisley I see a great experience, even if it wasn't a great race for me. My race started out well as I was put in the second row of five riders when we were grided. I was lucky because the commissaries were moving a few people to the back row. It started raining and the next thing I knew we were off. I sprinted round the corner into the first descent. A few corners later there was a pile up; luckily I didn't crash, I just had to put my foot down but I lost a lot of positions and I had to do a hard acceleration to keep up.

I ended in a group with a few Scottish riders at quite a fast pace. A few laps later we rounded a corner and as I pulled off the front my wheel slipped and I skidded to the other side of the road. By the time I had recovered my group had left me and there was a reasonable gap in front which kept on growing because I was taking a safer and slower line on the corners. I was time trialling by myself for a while when I heard a voice shout you're catching them. I sprinted out of my saddle past the start/finish line and round the corner.

But my wheel hit a metal stud ... my front wheel slid from beneath me and my back wheel followed. Next thing I knew I was lying on the floor with the motorbike coming past me telling me the peloton was coming. If I didn't move quickly I would have been cycled over, so I rolled over and dragged my bike to the side of the road just in time to see the peloton whizz past. I had just passed the pits so I had to try cycle a lap with messed up handle bars before i could get help.

My bike was fixed quickly and I got a lap out. After I was back in a group the race pasted in blur. I came 50th overall and I was glad I finished. It wasn't my best race but my injuries were nothing more than cuts and bruises. I was lucky that my bike was ok.

Errigal Youth Tour

The atmosphere in Ireland is one of the best things about the tour. It is relaxed and friendly. Everybody gets the ferry together then most of the Scottish riders stay at the same lodge. We arrived on Friday afternoon and checked out the courses, had tea, got ready for Stage 1 and then we mucked about till bedtime. The next day it was a bit wet, damp and misty. Our lodge was right next to the start line. Stage 1 was not the best stage for me. I had a few near incidents and I ended up in a group of Irish riders who didn't work together. I left them on one of the hills and rode with 1 other rider for the rest of the stage.

Stage 2 was the time trial, I paced it well but I didn't know where the finish was so couldn’t sprint. Stage 3 was my best stage as I stayed with the peloton and launched a solo attack. I stayed away for ¾ of a kilometre and stayed with the lead group till the last 3 kilometres. Stage 4 did not go that well. I had tried a new drink, threw up and got pulled out. But Errigal is a great race and I would recommend it to every type of rider.


My season was full of ups and downs, but I’m looking forward to next road/track season as I well be 2nd year B and my team is offering more support, tactics and training for the next season.


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