World Champs Women's and Juniors races

Friday, 30th September, 2011

It's 15:10 on a beautiful Saturday afternoon in Denmark - on the circuit in front of us the ladies' road race is taking place.

I've seen boring bike races but this one sets new standards - we've watched six laps of processional riding. 

What I can't understand is why the non-sprinter professional girls don't get up the road and show their sponsors colours ?

The longer the race runs the harder it will be to get a break to stick, there are 146 riders out there - but maybe only 10 can win the sprint.

It's no advert for ladies' bike racing. 

The men's junior race was a good one, the youngsters got stuck right in and Pierre-Henri Lecuisinier jumped the break metres from the line to win the race. 

Two men's races and two French winners - it'll be a surprise if they make it the hat trick, tomorrow. 

Although not mentioned as favourites, Sylvain Chavanel and Tommy Voeckler won't be sitting in any bunch waiting on Geraint leading out Cav. 

Another lap goes by, that'll be three to go on the next passage - I'm just glad that I'm not someone trying to float a ladies' team and trying to sell it to potential sponsors. 

19:10, back at the camper - and finally Clara Hughes made a race of it. 

But it didn't come off - cycling is a cruel sport, sometimes. 

Bronzini won again with Nicole Cooke in 4th and Lizzie Armistead in 7th - 'close but no cigar.'

The real winner - Hughes - finished 103rd; if it hadn't been for her it might have been the worst race ever - but it was still close to it. 

Elites tomorrow - let's hope for no nonsense.

Article courtesy of Ed Hood


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