2012 Bravehearts Announced

Tuesday, 24th January, 2012

The Braveheart Cycling Fund has named the eight riders and six clubs it will support in 2012, with John Paul, the reigning junior world and European champion and 2011 Braveheart Rider of the Year, among those to be supported in Olympic year.

Track sprinter Paul (18) is joined by mountain bikers Kenta Gallagher (19) and Grant Ferguson (18), fellow track riders Callum Skinner (19), Kayleigh Brogan (19) and Charline Joiner (23), and road riders Eileen Roe (22) and  Robert Hassan (20),

Of the clubs, WOSCA (Johnstone Jets - Glasgow Riderz), Discovery juniors, Wallace Warriors, ERC Youth and Dynamo Falkirk all receive funding in 2012.

It was one of the most competitive years for funding in the Braveheart Cycling Fund's 10 year history, with 40 applicants. An initial £20,000 has been shared among the successful individuals and clubs, with a further £5 - £8,000 to be awarded as the season progresses.

The funding is focused on supporting 1. Proven Young Talent; 2. Youth; 3. Overseas Trips.

Among the individual applicants, there were many borderline cases, but Brian Smith, the Braveheart Co-Founder, explained that priority has been given to youth. "It was difficult to choose some applicants over others but we decided that the future is our youth, so we decided to prioritise young riders."

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