Discovery Junior Cycling Club

Friday, 24th February, 2012

As with the other recipients of Braveheart 
funding, we would like to thank the trustees 
for the support of the Discovery JCC and the 
events run at Caird Park.

This looks like being a very exciting and 
challenging year for the club and facility. 
The Dundee City Council and SportScotland 
have just announced that funding is in place 
to upgrade the facility. This will include 
resurfacing of the track, a permanent fence, 
replacing the much loved beech hedge and 
lighting. The work is due to commence shortly 
and will be completed before the start of the 
new season.

The club has worked long and hard with Scottish 
Cycling to secure the future of the track, so it's 
now up to the cycling community far and wide to 
make use of the unique opportunities offered at 
Caird Park. A charity, Caird Park Velodrome (SCIO) 
has already been set up and this organisation will 
look to take on a lease to run the facility. An Awards 
for All grant has already been secured and this will 
be used to purchase more track bikes to run 
alongside the existing Discovery JCC equipment.

Once dates are finalised for the works, the 
calendar will be looked at to set up, introductory 
track sessions for those who wish to broaden 
their experience. These have proved very 
popular and successful in the past. Anyone, 
group, club, coach or individual who wishes 
to make use of the facility should contact 
Martin Harris by email 
for more information.

We would like to thank all those who have 
supported the events in the past and look 
forward to welcoming you and many others 
to the micro climate in Dundee!


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