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2016 Braveheart Ride
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 Georgetown Cup 2019
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Crusing Past

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Posted - 16 Sep 2019 :  01:47:58  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

Fantastic day at the Georgetown Cup � New records by Glasgow Green CC in both the mens and ladies team plus John Archibald�s astonishing new Flying Scot record of 14:34. Fun in the sun!

Glasgow Green 02:07:43
(New team record)
Johnstone Whs 02:10:01
VC Glasgow South 02:10:49
RCCK 02:10:56
Nightingale CC 02:11:09
Fullarton Wheelers 02:11:46
Glasgow Ivy CC 02:14:22
Ayr Roads CC 02:16:57
Lomond Roads CC 02:20:29
Paisley Velo 02:25:50
Falkirk B C 02:28:31
Velopreda 02:29:23

Glasgow Green 55.48
(New Team Record)
Ayr Roads 56.27
Nightingale CC 57.33

Flying Scots

1ST Colin Sergeant Law Wheelers 17.52
=2ND Fergus Brown Velopreda 19.02
=2ND Scott Denny Stirling Bike Club 19.02
4 Alistair Denny Stirling Bike Club 19.29
5 Stewart Bryson Nightingale 19.34
6 Andrew Armour Velopreda 19.38
7 Andrew Martin Falkirk BC 19.43
8 William Munro Glasgow Wheelers 20.11
9 Alexander McCulley Falkirk BC 22.14
10 Edward Mullen Velopreda 22.55
11 John Russell Law Wheelers 23.10

Flying Scot Ladies

1 Wilma Phillips Law Wheelers 22.30

John Archibald- Ribble Pro Cycling � 14:34

John Archibald Ribble Pro Cycling 00:14:34
Chris Smart GTR - Return To Life 00:14:40
Sandy Taylor Glasgow Green 00:15:05
Matt Hennon GTR - Return To Life 00:15:11
Kyle Johnston Velopreda 00:15:13
Kyle Johnston Velopreda (EKCT) 00:15:13
Ian Archibald Johnstone Whs 00:15:15
Craig O�brien Glasgow Wheelers 00:15:17
Karl Farmer VC Glasgow South 00:15:18
Emily Meakin The Independent Pedaler 00:15:20
Luke Maguire Glasgow Green 00:15:28
Calum Mcvie Glasgow Green 00:15:30
Douglas Watson GTR - Return To Life 00:15:35
Murray Soutter Glasgow Green 00:15:36
William Bonar GTR - Return To Life 00:15:37
David Ross Falkirk B C 00:15:41
William Hannay Fullarton Wheelers 00:15:41
Paul Mclafferty Glasgow Ivy CC 00:15:42
Iain Mctavish Johnstone Whs 00:15:42
Nik Charlton Glasgow Wheelers 00:15:44
Liam White Glasgow Green 00:15:51
Richard Provan Johnstone Whs 00:15:51
David Morrison VC Glasgow South 00:15:53
Joshua Higgins RCCK 00:15:53
Tam Gordon Nightingale CC 00:15:57
Graeme Cockburn Nightingale CC 00:15:57
Mark Macleod RCCK 00:15:58
Neil Griffiths Glasgow Wheelers 00:15:59
Scott Glasgow Nightingale CC 00:15:59
Gordon Stead Fullarton Wheelers 00:15:59
Gordon Graham Fullarton Wheelers 00:15:59
Michael Curran Ayr Roads CC 00:16:06
Allan Ross Fruin Road Club 00:16:07
Alexander Macrae Glasgow Ivy CC 00:16:08
Calum Doyle VC Glasgow South 00:16:09
David Mccormack Paisley Velo 00:16:10
Gordon Campbell RCCK 00:16:11
Stuart Mcgibbon VC Glasgow South 00:16:14
Joe Hands GTR - Return To Life 00:16:14
Stuart Tennant Johnstone Whs 00:16:16
Gary Bratt Fruin Road Club 00:16:17
David Mcgill Glasgow Green 00:16:21
Gordon d1ck Lomond Roads CC 00:16:24
Calum Macdonald Ayr Roads CC 00:16:24
Neil Mitchell RCCK 00:16:26
David Dalziel Nightingale CC 00:16:26
Paul Welsh Glasgow Ivy CC 00:16:27
Stuart Whitelaw Fruin Road Club 00:16:28
Lee Campbell Nightingale CC 00:16:28
David Hodson RCCK 00:16:29
Rory Porteous RCCK 00:16:34
Lewis Beck Inverclyde Velo 00:16:34
David Mylett VC Glasgow South 00:16:35
Simon Porter Fullarton Whs 00:16:35
Stephen Makin Falkirk B C 00:16:37
George Mccarter Inverclyde Velo 00:16:37
Allan Duncan Fullarton Wheelers 00:16:37
Michael Burke Glasgow Ivy CC 00:16:38
Brian Mcghee RCCK 00:16:38
James Snodgrass Johnstone Whs 00:16:39
Alastair Pell Nightingale CC 00:16:42
Sam Mcgrath Johnstone Whs 00:16:42
Sam Edgar Johnstone Whs 00:16:45
Michael Lavery RCCK 00:16:47
Alasdair Macmillan Musselburgh RCC 00:16:47
John Macarthur Nightingale CC 00:16:47
Stewart Beck Fullarton Wheelers 00:16:48
Stephen Hill Lomond Roads CC 00:16:49
Jim Barr VC Glasgow South 00:16:49
Darren Carruthers Glasgow Green 00:16:49
Daniel Blair Glasgow Ivy CC 00:16:51
Alan MacLean Johnstone Whss 00:16:51
Galeb Aqel Johnstone Whs 00:16:52
Steve Macluskie VC Glasgow South 00:16:53
James Muir Nightingale CC 00:16:53
Christopher Mellor VC Glasgow South 00:16:58
Graham Macleod Ayr Roads CC 00:17:01
Alistair Leith RCCK 00:17:01
James Ryland Fullarton Wheelers 00:17:02
Craig Ross Glasgow Green 00:17:03
Sean Barron Fullarton Wheelers 00:17:05
Michael Mcpartlin Glasgow Green 00:17:07
Ross Milvenan Ayr Roads CC 00:17:08
Derek Skinner Fullarton Wheelers 00:17:09
Andrew Phillips RCCK 00:17:12
Andrew Stewart Glasgow Ivy CC 00:17:13
Harry Brawley Ayr Roads CC 00:17:15
David Fitzpatrick Glasgow Green 00:17:15
Peter Dorrington Lomond Roads CC 00:17:16
Scott Knox Ayr Roads CC 00:17:17
Alan Mcaulay St Christopher's CC 00:17:17
Patricia Baird Ecosse Performance 00:17:19
Toby Miller Glasgow University CC 00:17:22
Jordan Carlton GTR - Return To Life 00:17:23
Craig Macwilliam RCCK 00:17:27
William Turner Falkirk B C 00:17:28
Andy Jack Glasgow Green 00:17:32
Hugh Wardrope Falkirk B C 00:17:34
Dougie Muirhead Coatbridge Clarion 00:17:37
Tom May Inverclyde Velo 00:17:37
Conal Davidson Johnstone Whs 00:17:38
James Armstrong Glasgow Ivy CC 00:17:39
John Walker Lomond Roads CC 00:17:40
Ian Mcginty Johnstone Whs 00:17:40
Ricky Mcaulay St Christopher's CC 00:17:43
Greig Logan Fruin Road Club 00:17:44
Iain Cowden Glasgow Ivy CC 00:17:44
Alan Thomson Johnstone Whs 00:17:44
Gerry Mcgrotty Lomond Roads CC 00:17:45
Martin Moench Ayr Roads CC 00:17:45
Ian Barton VC Glasgow South 00:17:48
Douglas Dorrington Lomond Roads CC 00:17:49
Michael Semple VC Glasgow South 00:17:49
Chris Lomond Roads CC 00:17:52
Terence Mcmahon Glasgow Ivy CC 00:17:52
Colin Sergeant Law Wheelers 00:17:52
Steven Owens Glasgow Ivy CC 00:17:53
Steven Horne Airdrie cycle club 00:17:53
Roddy Yarr Nightingale CC 00:17:55
Kenny Blair Glasgow Green 00:17:55
Martin Shields Fullarton Wheelers 00:17:55
John Todd Fullarton Wheelers 00:18:00
Iain Fisher Ayr Roads CC 00:18:01
Raymond Sibbald St Christopher's CC 00:18:06
Paul Mcdonald Johnstone Whs 00:18:09
James Beckett Inverclyde Velo 00:18:10
Nestor Skiadas Glasgow University CC 00:18:11
Kevin Carr Paisley Velo 00:18:15
Paul Hornby Glasgow Ivy CC 00:18:16
Mateusz Sobanski Paisley Velo 00:18:20
Fiona Cockburn Glasgow Wheelers 00:18:20
James Cluckie Coatbridge Clarion 00:18:20
Simon Arnold Paisley Velo 00:18:25
Fleur Stoops Glasgow Green 00:18:25
Keir Gaffney Johnstone Whs 00:18:25
Andrew Conway Ayr Roads CC 00:18:26
Joseph Mcintosh Johnstone Whs 00:18:26
Zosia Martin Glasgow Green 00:18:27
James Ross Johnstone Wheelers 00:18:27
Julie Fitzpatrick Nightingale CC 00:18:29
Mark Grabham Paisley Velo 00:18:31
Aileen Fisher Ayr Roads CC 00:18:32
Danny Thomson Paisley Velo 00:18:37
Glen Hornby Glasgow Ivy CC 00:18:39
Grant Johnstone Falkirk B C 00:18:42
Paul Keir Velopreda 00:18:43
Beth Macrae Ayr Roads CC 00:18:43
Simon Sweeney Fruin Road Club 00:18:43
Paul Leavy Johnstone Whs 00:18:43
Douglas Stevenson Velopreda 00:18:44
Brian Jack Glasgow Ivy CC 00:18:45
Andrew Mcleod Paisley Velo 00:18:45
Terry Nelson Paisley Velo 00:18:47
Andrew Taylor Paisley Velo 00:18:50
Alistair Bean St Christopher's CC 00:18:51
Charles Adams VC Glasgow South 00:18:52
Bobby Armour RCCK 00:18:52
Katie Priester Nightingale CC 00:18:53
Richard Burchmore Lomond Roads CC 00:18:54
Elizabeth Wisdish Glasgow Wheelers 00:18:56
Alexandra Michnowicz Glasgow Green 00:18:56
Alan Linstead Velopreda 00:18:59
Edd Shackley Glasgow Ivy CC 00:18:59
Fergus Brown Velopreda 00:19:02
Scott Denny Stirling Bike Club 00:19:02
Lyndsey Carson Glasgow Green 00:19:02
Jim Mcharg VC Glasgow South 00:19:03
Charlotte Robb Ayr Roads CC 00:19:07
Sean Gray Dooleys RT 00:19:12
Stephen Malaney Velopreda 00:19:16
David Kellett Coatbridge Clarion 00:19:18
Eric Mcintosh Fullarton Wheelers 00:19:20
Alistair Denny Stirling Bike Club 00:19:29
Janette Hazlett Glasgow Ivy CC 00:19:33
Stewart Bryson Nightingale CC 00:19:34
Andrew Armour Velopreda 00:19:38
Hannah Browne Glasgow Green 00:19:38
Andrew Martin Falkirk B C 00:19:43
Ian Martin Velopreda 00:19:48
Jasper Post Law Wheelers 00:19:53
Martin Godfrey Glasgow Green 00:19:58
Derek Mcburnie Paisley Velo 00:20:05
Felix Gibson Coatbridge Clarion 00:20:05
Robert Clements Law Wheelers 00:20:07
William Munro Glasgow Wheelers 00:20:11
Jennifer Pender Nightingale CC 00:20:11
Tom Rowan Velopreda 00:20:13
Isla McCutcheon Johnstone Wheelers 00:20:22
Richard Hogg Glasgow Green 00:20:24
Isobel Fletcher VC Glasgow South 00:20:28
Donald Sharp Glasgow Wheelers 00:20:30
Dennis Doherty Coatbridge Clarion 00:20:30
Aidan Quinlan Paisley Velo 00:20:35
Ian Loughran Velopreda 00:20:48
John Falconer Coatbridge Clarion 00:20:51
William Craig VC Glasgow South 00:20:56
Robin Mullin Falkirk B C 00:20:58
Gordon Innes Law Wheelers 00:21:11
David Mitchell Velopreda 00:21:12
Christopher Ditchfield Glasgow Green 00:21:22
Lynne Finlay Falkirk B C 00:21:48
Rowena Kennedy Law Wheelers 00:22:12
Alexander Mcculley Falkirk B C 00:22:14
Elizabeth Hunt Coatbridge Clarion 00:22:22
Wilma Phillips Law Wheelers 00:22:30
Bob Taylor Dooleys RT 00:22:34
Edward Mullen Velopreda 00:22:55
John Russell Law Wheelers 00:23:10
George Muir Coatbridge Clarion 00:25:29
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