Olympic Test Event

Kenta Gallagher | Monday 15th August, 2011


Hi all,


So after being in Switzerland for a training camp I headed over to London for the Olympic Test Event. I was the only GB rider as David Fletcher was injured and Liam and Annie decided to concentrate on the bigger races. It was a long day travelling from Geneva but eventually we made it to our holiday inn.


The next day me and my coach (Phil Dixon) walked round the course to see what it was like and it looked dry and loose, right up my street. It didn’t look that much different to when we came for the press release. I got the bike out towards the end of practice feeling a bit tired but I managed to hit all my lines which was getting me a bit excited for the race.


Race day and I was pretty excited after I seen how big the crowds were, almost like a world cup but in Britain. This got me pretty hyped and I had a solid warm up and rolled to the start. I was gridded at the back but it didn’t bother me too much as I was out to have fun, I got into a good position in the first straight and made sure I put in quite a fast lap which I did. This just made it easier with less people around me to make mistakes. I was going real strong and managed to finish in a solid 23rd spot. In a field that strong I was happy and only 9.30 mins off current Olympic champion julien absalon.


Link to the report -




Overall a good weekend of racing and I was pleased about my form. I go home for a week now and come back into the Czech Republic world cup and the first outing in the british champion jersey.


Cheers Kenta


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