World Cup round 6 Czech Republic

Kenta Gallagher | Wednesday 31st August, 2011



Since my last post I have been back home in Inverness seeing some friends and family before my next trip for the last 2 world cups and world championships, it was good to freshen up and chill out before the next big races.


I travelled out to Czech Republic for the 6th World Cup round on the Wednesday before the race, this turned out to be a long travel day as I had to transfer at Manchester from inverness. I arrived late and sharing a room with Endura rider Oli Beckingsale I knew it was going to be eventful. The following morning I done a few laps with Oli feeling a bit tired but strong. The track was very loose with lots of roots and rocks, it wasn’t a hilly track but I had so much fun! On the Friday night I had entered the pro sprint eliminator like at dalby and Offenburg, I was feeling up for it and qualified 11th in a strong field. The first heat went well I went through first beating Thomas Lichster who had won the Dalby Sprint, this was a good sign but I was pretty tired from the effort, in the second heat I got knocked out and finished 15th, not too bad but I knew I was able to go further.


Race Day and my legs feeling pretty numb I had a good warm up, starting around 40th position. I had a poor poor start rolling through first lap around 64th, I knew I had to push on and move up which I was doing and by lap 5 I was in a group of 6 riders fighting for 23rd place alongside last years junior world champion. I could feel my legs going and knew that’s all I could give, I dropped back a lot of places last lap and rolled in 38th totally off my face!


The weekend went well and I was strong throughout the race, it was only the last lap that caused me to loose places but im happy at my form and where I am at! Next weekend is Val Di Sole Italy for the last world cup round, I hope my form comes and a top 35 place ill be happy round a track like that as it’s a hilly not so techy track.


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