Do you enjoy hurting yourself or hurting other people?

Katie Archibald | Thursday 18th July, 2013

It has to be one of the two, or why would you race a bike? I myself am a hurting others kinda gal. Iíll run myself into the ground, through the ground and down to Middle Earth so long as I know someone else is already shaking hands with the hobbits to keep up.*

The problem with this life-truth, however, is that eventually the tables are turned. For me this came when I was left cursing Glasgow City Council, for thinking steep hills appropriate in a city centre, as I watched skinny legs fade into the distance up Montrose Street. I road the British National Road Race** and it felt like someone turned the table, picked it up and dropped it on top of me (then jumped on top of the table until I stopped breathing etc.). It was horrible and all I want to blab about is the excuses Iíve gathered to justify my DNF. But it ainít worth it. You donít care. I donít care. I think my mum still cares but thatís about it.

The good news is: this blog is under dictatorship rule and I can write about whatever I want! Now letís talk about my better results and our glorious leader! Wait, no, just the first thingÖ

Some other Braveheart funded riders and I went to Dublin last week for the Dublin International Grand Prix- my first UCI ranked track event of the year. Tíwere awesome. The trip was only a couple days long and so I wasnít touched by any major life lessons to share with you. I did however pick up and few life tit bits that, if youíre interested, Iíve listed below:

-Peeing into a cup*** is very hard when someone is watching, but even harder when theyíre making small talk to relax you. 
-Ireland does count as fully abroad and therefore you can get proper sun burnt. 
-Trusting Kayleigh Brogan with a room key is a mistake.

I also picked up gold medals in the points and scratch races (chuffed) and a silver medal in the pursuit (Irish Champ Caroline Ryan got the gold).  This got me enough UCI ranking points to ride the world cup series which was the aim of the game, good huh? I was pretty happy. 

So Iíve got some other stuff lined up and some of it will go well and some of it wonít but weíll talk about that in the next blog. In the meantime, goodnight!

*The real nutters are the ones that like hurting themselves, but we already covered testers in my last blog so Iíll not go into that. 
**I also entered the British National Time Trial and was 15th. An ok result, though I was the only rider without a time trial bike and felt like I had the shittest pencil case at my first day of school. 
***For doping control.


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