Woohoo Funding!

Katie Archibald | Thursday 6th March, 2014

Just a quick one to say thanks to Braveheart for continuing their support. 
Thanks Braveheart!

I did the very sophisticated and mature thing of planning out my finances and had to console myself with Tescoís own brand ice cream instead of Ben & Jerryís when I realised I couldnít afford it. A sad day. But what Iím getting at is that help from the Braveheart fund does make a difference to us supported riders whether it means covering the cost of travel to a race, or just allowing you to focus on training and resting instead of the fact you bought Finest mince instead of Everyday Value.

This year, Commonwealth Year(!), Iím going to be doing a lot of travelling to races to make sure Iím best prepared for that gig in July so Braveheartís backing means a lot. And you can look forward to updates on whatís going down in cycling town. The first should come after London Revolution next weekend where Iím racing against Laura Trott and Dani King and lots of scary others in an omnium! Nuts eh, letís hope I can write about some positives.

Speak Soon

p.s. All the Tesco talk was fiction, I shop in Aldi. 


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