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Jack Carlin | Tuesday 18th March, 2014

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Hi. Firstly thanks to Braveheart for sponsoring me. This is my first year as a junior track sprinter and I am looking forward to a competitive season! I'm just back from competing in the final of the Revolution series, having competed in all five rounds, this last one being in London in the Olympic velodrome. I travelled down with the Scottish boys who were competing on the Friday and the Saturday and managed to blag myself a helper's pass for the Friday. Even on that day the crowds were amazing; I cannot imagine what it would have been like to race there at the Olympics in front of a home crowd. The noise was immense ! On the Saturday, I signed on in the morning even though my race events were not until the evening. The track looked too enticing so I stuck on my kit and got up there, keeping a low profile behind Callum and managed to stay on for a practice ride without getting chucked off! It feels super smooth and fast- a lot like the Manchester track without the lumps and bumps! The Future Stars events started at 7pm with the Points Race being first. I took a few points which secured me fifth position for the race. I was aiming for a first in the 6 Lap Dash event which was my second race but I got it wrong tactically and ended up at the back of the bunch with a lap and a half to go. I managed to drag myself over the bunch with just under a lap left and pushed myself forward to take a third- not too bad a recovery from where I had started and a valuable lesson in tactics! Overall I got 7th in the series, but the learning I got from racing in the different velodromes in front of such huge crowds with all the press and media attention was brilliant. The London crowds were incredible ! The weekend in London was the best yet- especially when I managed to get a selfie with my new best mate- Francois Pervis. Really great guy with a cracking sense of humour ! I am off the track now for two weeks so am tarmac and gym bound for that time. Will let you know how it goes! Cheers for reading- Jack


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