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Mark Stewart | Tuesday 18th March, 2014

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Hello, My Name is Mark Stewart and I'm an amateur cyclist from Scotland (Dundee specifically), that much you probably already know. Track and road cycling is my game, with track having much of my focus and attention (at the minute).

Firstly I would like to thank Braveheart cycling for funding me for 2014, it is much appreciated. My blogs will hopefully consist of race results (I'm hoping there is going to be some), updates on what I get up to (not a lot, if anyone is interested) and to be honest I don't know, some random stuff probably, although I do like photos so I will try to include as many as I can in my blogs!

I have been cycling for a good few years now, starting at Caird Park with Discovery junior cycling club, as a youth C. A great club which has helped develop and give many kids a taste for track cycling! Officially my first taste for sport was swimming/triathlon, I have been racing in swimming gala's and triathlons from the age of 7. As a youth B on the bike, my biggest memory was coming 2nd to last in the British Omnium championships, that's when I made my decision to work my way up the cycling ladder from the bottom!

 I started road racing as a junior and made every classic mistake, you name it, I have probably done it! 2nd year junior I had some success and some more disappointment (actually quite a lot of disappointment). But that's just what happens in sport you have to learn and move on, try not to make the same mistake twice, and hope that by the 5th time you've made the same mistake, you might of finally learned!

That's brings us to 2014!! I was accepted on the Scottish cycling development programme. this opened up a lot of opportunities for myself to train in the Sir Chris Velodrome! This has helped me improve as bike rider, and given me a successful start to 2014, getting 2 x 2nd places at the UCI points race at Revolution and a 2nd place in the Scratch. I think there will be a blog on this to follow!

So hopefully everyone is up to date on who I am!


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