Get Down!

Craig Wallace | Thursday 10th April, 2014

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Less than ideal-

This is a phrase I would mostly use to describe the time since my last post. After enjoying a good start to the season I was looking forward to getting some more results in my upcoming races but, as is the up and down nature of sport, bad luck struck and struck hard.

Around 1 hour into a race at a small town called Estella the usual pattern was unfolding, a newly established break had just escaped up the road and the peleton had momentarily slowed before beginning it's pursuit before the big climbs of the day. On a slight false flat with a fairly strong tailwind the bunch was beginning to stretch out ever so slightly and as this was happening more riders were keen to move up to the front for safety. It was here that the rider in front of me, without warning, pulled violently out of the line taking my front wheel with him. Nothing I could do I went straight down and hit the tarmac and rolled over and came to stop in the ditch at the side of the road. Luckily I managed to avoid getting run over by the riders behind but sadly my bike was not so lucky, taking a hit square on and cracking the frame as well as taking out all the spokes from the rear wheel as some riders piled on into it. Whereas they were fairly quick to get back on their bikes I knew there was something wrong as when I tried to stand I couldn’t put any weight on my left leg and fell back down. By now my DS Gorka and the mechanic had arrived at the scene and stopped me from trying to get back onto what was left of my bike. Not being able to stand/walk Gorka picked me right up and lifted me into the ambulance where I was taken to hospital.

Long story short I had fractured the top of my femur and would be looking at 6 weeks out to recover. I was devastated as can be expected but was whisked off to a private hospital/ care centre (by the team car wearing nothing but my hospital gown) in Vitoria where I was looked after very well for the 3 days I was kept in. It was decided there that when I had had some time to heal it would be best to travel home to continue the recovery process. Not being able to look after myself in this period before I left, Gorka took me to stay with his family for a week and looked after my every need which I am so grateful for. I'd also like to thanks my teammates for visiting me in hospital and showing me great support, eskerrik asko!

Travelling home was made harder with the fact that I had to walk/limp my way everywhere on my crutches and this proved rather difficult when it came to get my connecting flight at Frankfurt airport. Let's just say that it was much, much bigger than I thought and required some time to negotiate my way between terminals on my crutches. Anyway I eventually made it home and I'm now in the full recovery process and am now managing to do (very) easy spins on the turbo, even though I still cant walk without my crutches!! In addition to this I'm using my extra spare time at home by getting Spanish lessons which I know will be of great benefit.

I'm travelling back to Vitoria on the 20th May to continue the season there as that will give me the recovery time plus 2 weeks of training at home to try and get some form back in the legs.

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