Training Camp

Louise Borthwick | Wednesday 16th April, 2014

After the team launch I had a week at home before heading off to Limoux in the South of France for the team training camp. I had to take 2 flights to get there getting up at 4 in the morning to catch the first one. Once in Limoux we built our bikes, had dinner and headed to bed. I was exhausted from the long day but excited about what lay ahead.

On the first day of riding we set off following the river uphill away from the town. The climb that we were on ended up being about 50 minutes long, luckily I didnít know this as I was in pain from about 20 minutes in and just hanging on. I think the travel had really affected me but luckily my legs came round for the next climb and it hurt a little less. 

The next day and we woke to grey skies but headed out anyway. We returned within an hour soaked to the skin and freezing, but we quickly changed into warmer layers and headed out again. Those 2 rides concluded the easier period designed to get the travel out the legs. Now it was on to the real training.

My legs responded to the training a lot better than I expected and I was happy with how I was riding. I am by no means a climber on the team but I was getting up the hills alright and pulling my turns on the through and off. Everyone on the team is riding really well though so I was always being pushed to my limits in everything we did.

The camp wasnít just about training though, staying in a house with just my team mates means I got to know them all a lot better. I feel like we all bonded really well and will be able to ride as a really good team. It is my first time on a team and I think Iím really lucky to these girls as my team mates.

Less than a week after returning from camp I was off to Northumbria for the Tour of the Reservoir. This is a renowned tough race for men and the first womens edition was no different with 92 hard kilometers to race over. I was still feeling the camp in my legs a bit and the hills didnít suit me too much and I poped the 3rd time up the main climb. Looking forward to some flatter races!

Next up Iím headed to the Nigel Measom 2 day this weekend if I can get rid of a cold I have at the moment before heading to Northampton area to do some prerides of the Womenís tour stages.


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