The Evils of Injuries and Exams- but some good news too!

Jack Carlin | Tuesday 22nd April, 2014

The last four weeks haven't been the best with regards to training. Not long after returning from the Revs I suffered an injury to my groin area and had to rest up for about three weeks. I have been back on my bike just in time for the sunshine however as exams are on the horizon, my time is torn between studying and training. However, finding motivation to study when there is only about 6 days of summer weather in Scotland is challenging! No racing in the month of April so I haven't missed out too badly and, at least, my milk-bottle legs are getting the benefit of the sunshine! Hopefully, after my first exam next week, I can get back to the gym after my injury. Good news to report though is that I am now competing for Spokes Junior Racing Team for the upcoming seasons. The team has a number of my good friends and great riders racing for them and the team is one to watch for this season! I would like to thank Spokes Cycles for their support and the opportunity that this gives me to continue developing. The kit is pretty cool too! Once I get through my first exam I'll give you an update -however badly it goes! Until next time....


Chris Hoy


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