Playing Catch Up

Louise Borthwick | Thursday 22nd May, 2014

The year seems to have gone very fast so far and I almost feel like quite behind everyone in the racing. I think Iíve been knocked back a bit by not racing much in March and then getting 2 colds since my first race in April. Due to being ill I missed the Nigel Measom  two-day, a flat race which was a really good chance to prove myself for the Womens Tour team. Unfortunately I didnít make the cut for the tour, and it was really gutting seeing how much attention the whole event got and not being there. But my team mates did an amazing job all finishing the race and I hope to make it next year. 

So far Iíve pretty much been finding my racing legs, I raced the Bedford three-day which was brilliant and I could really feel my bunch riding improving, just all the little efforts you need to make to move up one place or kick out of a corner which are really hard to replicate in training. Out of that I then got ill again, its really frustrating just feeling like Iíve not had a solid block of training in so long but not much I could do except get over the cold. 

Once I was back training I had a good week including a win at an Ingliston crit before heading north for the Scottish Road Champs where unfortunately my legs decided not to turn up and I had a pretty disappointing race. I was soon picked up after that though when I got a message from the team DS on Monday morning asking if I wanted to race the Peterborough Tour Series on Tuesday evening. This was brilliant news and me and my Dad set off on Monday evening. I was feeling a lot of nerves for the race, this was really my opportunity to show what I could do in the race so as to get picked for more crits and a lot of people in the team wanted to ride other than me so I had to have a good race. It was my first crit of that level this year and it was an insane shock to the system! I was just hanging on for most of it but made it to the front a few times to follow moves and chase down attacks. It was a very fast course and the bunch stayed together, albeit reduced to about 20 riders, and our sprinter Harriet finished up third.

So that was pretty tough but what I really needed to get myself kicked into action for the next three weeks which are all full of crit races! Next big one is the Milk Race on Sunday then the Tour Series in Edinburgh on the 29th which I hope lots of people will be coming out to watch.


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