Exams over..Malawi bound...

Jack Carlin | Wednesday 11th June, 2014

Hi. Well, last exam finished a week ago and glad to see the back of them! Found it hard the last month or so to get all my training and studying. The sun seemed to be out a lot through those weeks and fair to say I was soaking up the sun on my bike more than I was soaking up information. .Think my mum stressed more about my exams than I did. Might be role reversal when my results come in. With the velodrome closed in preparation for the Commonwealth , guess getting track time is going to be difficult. However that will need to wait as I head off tomorrow to Malawi for 16 days with my school as part of a programme to develop Dsenza Primary School in Malawi. We have been preparing for this trip for nearly two years now . When I get back I will be back in to training full-on to prepare for the British Junior National Champs in August; this only gives me roughly 6 weeks to get back on track to, at least, have a fighting chance. Will give a quick update when I get back on my adventures in Malawi . Enjoy sunny Scotland till next time! Thanks for reading. Jack


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