Update from the Nationals

Jack Carlin | Monday 11th August, 2014

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Hi there, Just back from the Junior Nationals in Manchester last week where I raced the Kilo, the Keirin and the Sprint. Heading in to this week I was aiming simply to not be embarrassed at my performance as many things have impacted my training. The top of the list of impacts has to be Malawi which was a great experience and I don't regret making the decision to go, even though it meant nearly four weeks off the bike! It was a life changing, fantastic experience. To come back and then not have the chance to train in the Glasgow velodrome was a challenge as I had to travel to the "Far East" to access the "weatherdome" of Meadowbank. Luckily the weather was half decent and I managed to get a few sessions in with the help of Phil Jorddan and Dave Urquhart. When it came to the first day of the kilo, I didn't even get a chance to get up on track for a spin as there was no practice time so took to the boards and did a rather disappointing 1.08 kilo, not helped by my standing start at all! This got me sixth place overall. The following day was Keirin and there were some testing situations in the final that resulted in me taking fourth place. Last and final day was the sprint in which I qualified third, and continued onwards in straight rides through to the final where I met Joe Truman. I gave it my all but Speedy Gonzalas took me by half a wheel on each ride . Took the silver medal for my journey home . Overall the week went well considering the training, however second is the first loser and hopefully with a strong, hard winter's training and one more year of junior I'll be stepping on the top step next year. Until next time....


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