A bumpy road to Glasgow 2014

Claire Thomas | Tuesday 19th August, 2014

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Just after my last post, I slid out on a corner on an extremely wet day and my Games dream was almost over. A hip fracture was a result of this fall and I had an agonising week undergoing medical investigation to see if it would be ok to resume training. I was given the go ahead but it was a hard road to get my fitness back to the level it was and then surpass this level. I felt good on the morning of the Games although my resting heart was extremely high and had told myself to treat the road race as an other international UCI race. I started off well but then I felt nauseous. I tried to tell myself that it was nerves, although I didn't feel nervous. But then I realised I needed to go to the back of the group because I really was going to be sick. And this was really my race over- I tried to continue but with sick all over me, my bike and my shoes, it wasn't to be. Some people say to me- 4 years hard work for the Commonwealth Games- are you not upset? But in actual fact , I have had many more target races in this period and never, ever saw them as any less important than the Commonwealth Games. It took me a good week to start to feel better with mum feeding me flat sugary drinks. I only trained once in the week after the road race and had to miss the London Grand Prix but I needed to feel better. It now transpires from Chloe Hosking's blog that her and Catherine Garfoot from Australia had just the same bug as me. They also had to pull out disappointed Now I am back in Belgium, back in training, whilst looking for a job and enjoying my bike again. I will probably race again at the weekend if I get my car through it's MOT here or otherwise, I will just enjoy the Belgian cobbles.


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