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Jonathan Biggin | Monday 6th April, 2015

Jonathan Biggin

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Hi everyone

Just wanted to give a quick introduction of myself as this is the first time I've been supported by The Braveheart Cycling Fund, and I am also relatively new to track cycling. Also want to take this chance to thank The Braveheart Fund for selecting me, your support will play a huge part in me reaching my cycling goals this season.

Right!...who am I??

I'm a 25 year track sprinter based in Glasgow and part of the Scottish Cycling performance squad. I took up cycling 2.5 years ago and had a couple of spins around Meadowbank and Caird Park before The Sir Chris Hoy velodrome opened up in October 2012. At this point I had just finished my degree in engineering at Strathclyde University so decided to dedicate myself to cycling to see how far I could take it. After about a year of getting into the sport I was accepted onto the Scottish Squad and set myself the ambitious goal of being selected for the 2014 Commonwealth Games.

With only 8 months of time until 'The Games' I decided to specialise on man 1 for the team sprint. This was due to my background in explosive sports, and also due to it being a TT style effort where I wouldn't have to worry about tactics. Despite some very intense competition I was selected for this spot and represented Scotland at the Commonwealth Games where the Scottish Men's team achieved 5th overall.

Since then I have branched out a bit more getting involved more in match sprinting and keirin racing, whilst still working on my man 1 standing lap.

At the start of this year I competed in Colombia at the World Cup for GB in the team sprint. Despite having very little time to prepare the team managed 6th overall securing the necessary points to ensure a place at the World Championships in this event. This was a huge honour being asked to ride for GB and was a great to be involved in the World Cup experience, something I never expected so early in my career.

Thanks for reading and more to follow

Jonny Biggin


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