Winter Training

Craig Wallace | Friday 15th January, 2016

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Hi everyone,

I'm writing from sunny Spain once again!-this time I'm in Calpe for 3 weeks training to escape what has been some awful weather back home. Riding in shorts in January is always a huge morale boost and it's so much easier to get in the long rides without feeling that your hands are going to turn to blocks of ice and fall off or your bottles freezing and not having any juice during training!

This winter I am really happy with how everything has gone up till now. After finishing last season I took the month of October nice and easy, managing to get out and about a bit more than would be possible when in full training mode. The end of October saw the Braveheart Fundraising Dinner being held down at Kilmarnock and as always it was a fantastic night. It was also really great to see so many riders at the fundraising ride in the morning. I think there was over 900 brave souls braving the elements!Once again Thanks to Alan Miller and Brian Smith for organising everything.

Shortly after I began training again the most motivated I have ever been hoping to get a good winter in so I can get off to a good start with Raleigh GAC. So far so good. Compared to last winter everything has gone perfectly and I've managed to get consistent miles in the legs.

I took delivery of my new Raleigh training bike a week before Christmas, so it certainly felt that Christmas had indeed come early! To prevent a repeat of last year with regards to niggling injuries I travelled down to Dougie Shaw at Edinburgh Bike Fitting to get a properly sorted position on the new bike. We spent a good few hours tinkering and I'm really happy with the results-training since then I have felt 100% more comfortable and therefore more powerful which is always a good thing-maybe my thinking before of always slamming the longest/most aggressive stem available wasn't always the best option...

After spending a week so far here in Calpe I can see why so many teams choose to have their winter training camps in this area. The roads are fantastic for training and the weather is so much better than expected. It can get chilly up in the mountains but even then it's only leg and arm warmers as opposed to full winter thermals back home. Down at the coast in the sun it has regularly exceeded 20 degrees-perfect riding weather.

I have another 2 weeks here before I return home for some laboratory testing with the team at the end of January. I'm looking forward to this as I have never done lab tests before so I'm sure it will be an interesting experience. At the start of March Raleigh are going to Calpe for a 10 day block of training which will be an ideal time to get to know each other before the racing starts.

Once we return home it won't be long before I'm pinning numbers onto a jersey again as the first Elite Road series event in Chorley kicks the year off properly for us as a team at the end of March. Then it will be back into the routine of travelling to and from races every weekend and I'm sure we can get some good results early on as a team!

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