Lifeguarding, chest infections and beating THE John Archibald! 2018 update

Lusia Steele | Sunday 25th March, 2018

2018 started with passing my driving test, meaning I am now independent and making a lot of unnecessary road trips and spending a lot of money on things I donít even need but on the bright side I can now get myself to track and gym 5 days a week. I was meant to be competing at the Next Generation event in Apeldoorn, Holland with the Scotttish Cycling Junior Squad but after some back issues. It was discussed with coach Dave and physios and the decision was made that it would be better to avoid travel and to stay home, train and concentrate on British Champs. Next up was British track Champs which started with a slow puncture in my 200m qualification ride, but I still rode to a tiny pb. This was followed by keirin on Saturday night and then onto team sprint and 500m on the Sunday. My 500 time matched my pb that I had set at Scottish Senior Track Champs a few months before. Lucy and I rode for Scotland together in team sprint and this was our second time riding together. We didnít go in with any aim. This was just an opportunity for Lucy to try and improve her man 1 time and just a bit of experience for me, so as you can imagine. Getting a silver medal and unofficial Scottish Record (times set out with Scotland donít count) was a pleasant surprise for both Lucy and I as well as the coaches at Scottish Cycling 😂 Since British Champs Iíve been working hard with the coaches at Scottish cycling and The Scottish institute of sport in my strength block, which mainly consists of lots of gym and big gear, racing is quiet just now so Iím focussing hard on technique and getting strong. Gym is going well and itís nice to finally see some progression. I can finally do something that looks like a press up and lift my bike and rollers into track centre in one trip without stopping for a break at the top of the stairs. Thanks Paul. At the end of 2017 John Archibald and I decided to have a race for the 100kg and I am delighted to say that after months of close competition I have beaten the living legend, THE John Archibald. Making the score 1-1 after heís smashed me in deadlift (the fact that I am not allowed to compete due to my back is no excuse according to John) . I am hopeful that no longer fitting any of my skirts or jeans over my quads is a good sign🙄 With everyone away to the commonwealth Games track sessions are going to be pretty quiet over the next few weeks but Dave has left us in the more than capable hands of PJ and his banter is somewhat better than Daves. With everyone gone we made it through our efforts within the first 90 minutes of our track session of Thursday 😱leaving us plenty of time to practice our so called skills which includes cones, high and slow and observation. Over the past month I have suffered a chest infection and a post nasal drip but it was an opportunity which I took advantage of as I have now completed all of Mario on the wii and previous to that have become a qualified lifeguard😊 Our next race is the Black Line Open in Derby at the end of May so until then I will be trying hard to complete all of Mario Kart wii and doing some training too 😆


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