Endura 2016 Braveheart Fundraising Ride

Saturday 29th October 2016

Saturday 29th October 2016

Entry fees - Adults £30.00 (52 or 24 mile), Under 16s £15 (52 or 24 mile)

Registration Open from 08.00am

Event HQ
St Joseph’s Academy Assembly Hall
9 Grassyards Road
New Farm Loch
East Ayrshire 
See Below for directions to Event HQ.
Participants will collect their number, timing chip, food voucher, route card and T-Shirt(First 500 entrants only). All participants must sign on to activate insurance and to allow organisation to monitor their safe return to HQ.

Medals will be handed out at the finish.

Start Times
09.45am    24 mile ride & 52 mile ride - All riders will make their way, under escort, to the official start on Grassyards road. Approx 1KM from event HQ.

10AM Official Start where time chips are activated. We would like to encourage all short route riders (24mile) to leave after the long route (52mile) riders. Groups not greater than 30 will leave at 30sec intervals until all riders are on the course.
Those wishing to ride with friends, family or club mates should group themselves together at the assembly point and stay together until the official start. At the official start the starter will use all reasonable skill and care to allow those wishing to ride together to do so. In exceptions the group might be slightly smaller or larger than 30.
Timing System: All participants are advised to wear the timing chip on the left hand side of their helmet. The timing chip should be placed on the helmet but not over the helmet manufacturer logo which might interfere with the chip. The correct place to fit the chip is on the left hand side of the helmet not the top of the helmet which reduces the effectiveness of the timing system recording your time. It is the responsibility of each competitor to ensure their chip is securely fixed to their helmet. All participants are instructed not to pass the official start line before they set off on the event. Participants who cross the line before the official start may activate the timing chip and therefore record a false time. 
Important Safety Message: Inexperienced participants are encouraged to start towards the rear of the assembled riders at the event HQ roll out. we believe this will help prevent large groups passing inexperienced cyclists who may be uncomfortable with large groups of riders around them.
Course Information:
Due to safety concerns the route has been slightly adjusted from the original posted map. The new map has been uploaded and can be foundhere. Effectively we are retracing a section of the course in the return of the long route to avoid narrow lanes that were considered hazardous for large groups. The mileage of the event has not been significantly affected.

The course is challenging with a hilly terrain, variable road widths and surfaces. Although we are operating a Rolling Near Side Lane road closure all participants should be aware that vehicles can access the course from side roads, farms and that traffic will be oncoming. The organisation and its partners are trialling a system that is hoped will improve event safety at future events. We are under no illusions that we can close all roads and make the event - traffic free, therefore please ride accordingly to ensure your own safety and those of your fellow cyclists.

On the course there will be 2 sets of traffic lights. Larger groups of riders will be given assistance by the traffic management company to proceed thru lights without stopping. Small groups and individual riders will be assisted where possible. All participants must obey the highway-code at all times and prepare to stop at red lights unless instructed by the road management operatives.
Feed Stations - Identified by Large Blue Flags with Feed Station written on them:
Station 1: Short Route - Galston
Station 2: Long Route - SORN
Station 3: Long Route - Auchinleck
All feed stations are commercial shops/café's. Participants who require refreshments on the route will have to purchase food and drinks. The organisation will review this for 2016, although this would require an uplift in the entry fee to provide Free feed stations. Participants are asked to carry some money with them.All participants will receive a free food voucher at registration  that entitles them to a bowl of pasta and coffee/tea at the event HQ after the event.

Medical Information

In the event of an incident riders should notify the nearest available marshall or alternatively call the event support number which is 07518 327479 or Organiser David Lang on 07710 129777. 

If the injury is minor, a fist aid vehicle can be summoned unless the rider wishes to make their way back to event HQ for medical attention.

If the injury is not life threatening but requires hospital treatment please telephone 07518 327479 where the event organisation will arrange the evacuation of the casualty to the nearest hospital.

Medical emergency - Please Call 999 to arrange for medical help, alternatively contact the nearest marshal who will follow the event emergency procedure.

When reporting any incident please try to identify the mileage point of the incident.

Marshal Points

There will be marshals located throughout the route. Marshals have no authority to stop traffic and are there to give direction and as a point of contact for riders in emergency situations. Marshals are able to communicate with event HQ and mobilise first aid vehicles to the scene of an incident.

 Finally: Have a great day, enjoy and stay safe.

Directions to Event HQ

From North on A77
Leave A77 at Grassyards Road Exit, signed B7082 Kilmarnock. At the end of the slip road turn right (caution – poor visibility) into Grassyards Road. St Joseph’s Academy is a new school on the right-hand-side of the road in less than 1 mile. Follow signs into Car Park and then into Assembly Hall.

From South, on A77
Leave A77 at Grassyards Road exit signed B7082 Kilmarnock turning left into Grassyards Road. Then as above.

From East on A71 
Follow A71 through Darvel, Newmilns and on to Galston roundabout at junction with A719. Take 2nd exit and continue on A71 to Bellfield Roundabout at A77 take North bound A77 and follow directions from South as above.