Reporting Misuse

The Braveheart Cycling Fund name or logo on a product or webpage lets you know that the fund is being supported or that you are supporting the fund. In order to make sure others are not using our trademarks to mislead individuals we need your help.

Please report any of the following issues:

  • Distributing counterfeit products under Braveheart Cycling Fund brands.
  • Charging for services under Braveheart Cycling Fund.
  • Collecting personal information using the fund inappropriately.
  • Using the Braveheart Cycling Fund brand to mislead the people into thinking the site is an official Braveheart Cycling Fund site or in support of Braveheart Cycling Fund.
  • Running any other event or claiming to be collecting in name of the Braveheart Cycling Fund.
  • Using the Braveheart Cycling Fund trademarks (including logos) in any other way that violates our Trademark Policy (e.g., trademark is modified or used for commercial purposes).

While the uses of our trademarks described above are not allowed, there are lots of ways our community members can use our trademarks without requesting permission. For more information, please review our How to Support us information pages.

Once you have reported misuse, we will investigate it and, if necessary, take the appropriate action. If you would like to provide your email address so that we can follow up with you if we have questions, there is an optional email address field in the form. We will only use your email address in connection with this report. Please see our privacy policy for more information.

This form is only for reporting misuse of the Braveheart Cycling Fund brand. If you need to contact us about a different trademark matter, please instead send an email. If you need to contact Braveheart Cycling Fund about anything else, please visit our Contacts page for the right way to do so. If you have concerns about non-Braveheart Cycling Fund sites engaging in bad activities unrelated to Braveheart Cycling Fund brand, please don’t use this form and instead contact the owner of that website directly.